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static void waitq_timeouted_sleep (void *data)
void waitq_initialize (waitq_t *wq)
void waitq_interrupt_sleep (thread_t *t)
int waitq_sleep_timeout (waitq_t *wq, __u32 usec, int flags)
ipl_t waitq_sleep_prepare (waitq_t *wq)
void waitq_sleep_finish (waitq_t *wq, int rc, ipl_t ipl)
int waitq_sleep_timeout_unsafe (waitq_t *wq, __u32 usec, int flags)
void waitq_wakeup (waitq_t *wq, bool all)
void _waitq_wakeup_unsafe (waitq_t *wq, bool all)

Detailed Description

Wait queue is the basic synchronization primitive upon which all other synchronization primitives build.

It allows threads to wait for an event in first-come, first-served fashion. Conditional operation as well as timeouts and interruptions are supported.

Definition in file waitq.c.

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