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Data Structures

struct  slab_magazine_t
struct  slab_mag_cache_t
struct  slab_cache_t


#define SLAB_MIN_MALLOC_W   4
#define SLAB_MAX_MALLOC_W   18
#define SLAB_MAG_SIZE   4
#define SLAB_MAX_BADNESS(cache)   ((PAGE_SIZE << (cache)->order) >> 2)
#define SLAB_RECLAIM_ALL   0x1


slab_cache_tslab_cache_create (char *name, size_t size, size_t align, int(*constructor)(void *obj, int kmflag), int(*destructor)(void *obj), int flags)
void slab_cache_destroy (slab_cache_t *cache)
void * slab_alloc (slab_cache_t *cache, int flags)
void slab_free (slab_cache_t *cache, void *obj)
count_t slab_reclaim (int flags)
void slab_cache_init (void)
void slab_enable_cpucache (void)
void slab_print_list (void)
void * malloc (unsigned int size, int flags)
void free (void *obj)

Detailed Description

Definition in file slab.h.

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