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Data Structures

struct  slab_t


 SPINLOCK_INITIALIZE (slab_cache_lock)
static LIST_INITIALIZE (slab_cache_list)
static slab_tslab_space_alloc (slab_cache_t *cache, int flags)
static count_t slab_space_free (slab_cache_t *cache, slab_t *slab)
static slab_tobj2slab (void *obj)
static count_t slab_obj_destroy (slab_cache_t *cache, void *obj, slab_t *slab)
static void * slab_obj_create (slab_cache_t *cache, int flags)
static slab_magazine_tget_mag_from_cache (slab_cache_t *cache, int first)
static void put_mag_to_cache (slab_cache_t *cache, slab_magazine_t *mag)
static count_t magazine_destroy (slab_cache_t *cache, slab_magazine_t *mag)
static slab_magazine_tget_full_current_mag (slab_cache_t *cache)
static void * magazine_obj_get (slab_cache_t *cache)
static slab_magazine_tmake_empty_current_mag (slab_cache_t *cache)
static int magazine_obj_put (slab_cache_t *cache, void *obj)
static int comp_objects (slab_cache_t *cache)
static int badness (slab_cache_t *cache)
static void make_magcache (slab_cache_t *cache)
static void _slab_cache_create (slab_cache_t *cache, char *name, size_t size, size_t align, int(*constructor)(void *obj, int kmflag), int(*destructor)(void *obj), int flags)
slab_cache_tslab_cache_create (char *name, size_t size, size_t align, int(*constructor)(void *obj, int kmflag), int(*destructor)(void *obj), int flags)
static count_t _slab_reclaim (slab_cache_t *cache, int flags)
void slab_cache_destroy (slab_cache_t *cache)
void * slab_alloc (slab_cache_t *cache, int flags)
static void _slab_free (slab_cache_t *cache, void *obj, slab_t *slab)
void slab_free (slab_cache_t *cache, void *obj)
count_t slab_reclaim (int flags)
void slab_print_list (void)
void slab_cache_init (void)
void slab_enable_cpucache (void)
void * malloc (unsigned int size, int flags)
void free (void *obj)


static slab_cache_t mag_cache
static slab_cache_t slab_cache_cache
static slab_cache_tslab_extern_cache
static slab_cache_tmalloc_caches [SLAB_MAX_MALLOC_W-SLAB_MIN_MALLOC_W+1]
char * malloc_names []

Detailed Description

The slab allocator is closely modelled after OpenSolaris slab allocator.
See also:
with the following exceptions: Following features are not currently supported but would be easy to do: The slab allocator supports per-CPU caches ('magazines') to facilitate good SMP scaling.

When a new object is being allocated, it is first checked, if it is available in a CPU-bound magazine. If it is not found there, it is allocated from a CPU-shared slab - if a partially full one is found, it is used, otherwise a new one is allocated.

When an object is being deallocated, it is put to a CPU-bound magazine. If there is no such magazine, a new one is allocated (if this fails, the object is deallocated into slab). If the magazine is full, it is put into cpu-shared list of magazines and a new one is allocated.

The CPU-bound magazine is actually a pair of magazines in order to avoid thrashing when somebody is allocating/deallocating 1 item at the magazine size boundary. LIFO order is enforced, which should avoid fragmentation as much as possible.

Every cache contains list of full slabs and list of partially full slabs. Empty slabs are immediately freed (thrashing will be avoided because of magazines).

The slab information structure is kept inside the data area, if possible. The cache can be marked that it should not use magazines. This is used only for slab related caches to avoid deadlocks and infinite recursion (the slab allocator uses itself for allocating all it's control structures).

The slab allocator allocates a lot of space and does not free it. When the frame allocator fails to allocate a frame, it calls slab_reclaim(). It tries 'light reclaim' first, then brutal reclaim. The light reclaim releases slabs from cpu-shared magazine-list, until at least 1 slab is deallocated in each cache (this algorithm should probably change). The brutal reclaim removes all cached objects, even from CPU-bound magazines.

For better CPU-scaling the magazine allocation strategy should be extended. Currently, if the cache does not have magazine, it asks for non-cpu cached magazine cache to provide one. It might be feasible to add cpu-cached magazine cache (which would allocate it's magazines from non-cpu-cached mag. cache). This would provide a nice per-cpu buffer. The other possibility is to use the per-cache 'empty-magazine-list', which decreases competing for 1 per-system magazine cache.

Definition in file slab.c.

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