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static void _ipc_call_init (call_t *call)
call_t * ipc_call_alloc (int flags)
void ipc_call_static_init (call_t *call)
void ipc_call_free (call_t *call)
void ipc_answerbox_init (answerbox_t *box)
void ipc_phone_connect (phone_t *phone, answerbox_t *box)
void ipc_phone_init (phone_t *phone)
void ipc_call_sync (phone_t *phone, call_t *request)
static void _ipc_answer_free_call (call_t *call)
void ipc_answer (answerbox_t *box, call_t *call)
void ipc_backsend_err (phone_t *phone, call_t *call, __native err)
static void _ipc_call (phone_t *phone, answerbox_t *box, call_t *call)
int ipc_call (phone_t *phone, call_t *call)
int ipc_phone_hangup (phone_t *phone)
int ipc_forward (call_t *call, phone_t *newphone, answerbox_t *oldbox)
call_t * ipc_wait_for_call (answerbox_t *box, __u32 usec, int flags)
static void ipc_cleanup_call_list (link_t *lst)
void ipc_cleanup (void)
void ipc_init (void)
void ipc_print_task (task_id_t taskid)


answerbox_t * ipc_phone_0 = NULL
static slab_cache_tipc_call_slab

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