futex.c File Reference

Kernel backend for futexes. More...

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#define FUTEX_HT_SIZE   1024


static void futex_initialize (futex_t *futex)
static futex_tfutex_find (__address paddr)
static index_t futex_ht_hash (__native *key)
static bool futex_ht_compare (__native *key, count_t keys, link_t *item)
static void futex_ht_remove_callback (link_t *item)
void futex_init (void)
__native sys_futex_sleep_timeout (__address uaddr, __u32 usec, int flags)
__native sys_futex_wakeup (__address uaddr)
void futex_cleanup (void)


static rwlock_t futex_ht_lock
static hash_table_t futex_ht
static hash_table_operations_t futex_ht_ops

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