buddy.c File Reference

Buddy allocator framework. More...

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size_t buddy_conf_size (int max_order)
void buddy_system_create (buddy_system_t *b, __u8 max_order, buddy_system_operations_t *op, void *data)
bool buddy_system_can_alloc (buddy_system_t *b, __u8 order)
link_tbuddy_system_alloc_block (buddy_system_t *b, link_t *block)
link_tbuddy_system_alloc (buddy_system_t *b, __u8 i)
void buddy_system_free (buddy_system_t *b, link_t *block)
void buddy_system_structure_print (buddy_system_t *b, size_t elem_size)

Detailed Description

This file contains buddy system allocator framework. Specialized functions are needed for this abstract framework to be useful.

Definition in file buddy.c.

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