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#define SPECIAL   '?'
#define PACKET_ADB   0x00
#define PACKET_CUDA   0x01
#define CUDA_POWERDOWN   0x0a
#define RS   0x200
#define B   (0 * RS)
#define A   (1 * RS)
#define SR   (10 * RS)
#define ACR   (11 * RS)
#define SR_OUT   0x10
#define TACK   0x10
#define TIP   0x20


void send_packet (const __u8 kind, index_t count,...)
static void receive_packet (__u8 *kind, index_t count, __u8 data[])
static void cuda_resume (chardev_t *d)
static void cuda_suspend (chardev_t *d)
static char key_read (chardev_t *d)
int cuda_get_scancode (void)
static void cuda_irq (int n, istate_t *istate)
void cuda_grab (void)
void cuda_release (void)
void cuda_init (__address base, size_t size)
void cpu_halt (void)


static volatile __u8cuda = NULL
static iroutine vector
static char lchars [0x80]
static chardev_t kbrd
static chardev_operations_t ops

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