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#define is_digit(d)   (((d) >= '0') && ((d)<='9'))
#define is_lower(c)   (((c) >= 'a') && ((c) <= 'z'))
#define is_upper(c)   (((c) >= 'A') && ((c) <= 'Z'))
#define is_alpha(c)   (is_lower(c) || is_upper(c))
#define is_alphanum(c)   (is_alpha(c) || is_digit(c))
#define is_white(c)   (((c) == ' ') || ((c) == '\t') || ((c) == '\n') || ((c) == '\r'))
#define min(a, b)   ((a)<(b)?(a):(b))
#define max(a, b)   ((a)>(b)?(a):(b))
#define PA_overlaps(x, szx, y, szy)   overlaps(KA2PA(x),szx,KA2PA(y), szy)


static int overlaps (__address s1, size_t sz1, __address s2, size_t sz2)

Detailed Description

Definition in file macros.h.

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