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Merge USB changes.

Interface changes:

  • GET_ADDRESS has been renamed to GET_MY_ADDRESS and the handle parameter was dropped. Tis call no longer cascades up to the root hub, but it is answered in the first place the information is available (nearest hub)
  • Reintroduced address reservation for USB_DEFAULT_ADDRESS. The interface now enables device drivers to request specific address on initialization and either insists on that address or accept any other if the address is not available. Note that it is not possible to get the default address if the driver does not insist.
  • Any endpoint registered is removed when address is released and a warning is produced if there were any such endpoints.
  • It is no longer necessary or possible to pass device speed information when registering endpoints.

Driver fixes: memory leaks and crashes (not only) in error paths.
Fixes or removes flaky device_remove implementation in device drivers.

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