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Merge the CHT pre-integration branch

This branch contains:

  • the merge of lp:~adam-hraska+lp/helenos/rcu, which brings:
  • a new preemptible kernel RCU variant called A-RCU,
  • a preemptible variant of Podzimek's non-preemptible kernel RCU and
  • a new variant of usersace RCU,
  • a new concurrent hash table (CHT) implementation based on RCU,
  • a deployment of CHT in kernel futex handling,
  • a deployment of the userspace RCU in the implementation of upgradable futexes,

all described in Adam Hraska's master thesis named Read-Copy-Update
for HelenOS, defended in 2013 at MFF UK; furthemore, the branch
fixes two synchronization bugs in condvars and waitq, respectively:

  • build fixes required to pass make check
  • overhaul of ia64 and sparc64 trap handling, to allow exc_dispatch() to be used now when the kernel is more picky about CPU state accounting
  • an important fix of the sparc64/sun4v preemptible trap handler
  • various other fixes of issues discovered on non-x86 architectures
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